What to Expect for Your Pet’s Appointment

Please read the entire document as it will help you prepare.

Upon arrival to a Dr. Kelly’s Mobile unit, please be courteous and knock on the door. Please do not open the door as a kennel may be open exposing a pet to the outside. If someone does not answer right away, we are either currently with a client or there is a patient out of a kennel and we will be with you shortly.

For Surgery Appointments:

When checking in for a surgery (spay, neuter, dental cleaning, mass removal, etc.), you will be asked to fill out a surgical consent form. Dr. Kelly’s team will check in appointments in the order of appointment time. We ask if you have ANY time constraints that day, you let your check-in technician know so we can make arrangements. Pets are usually with us anywhere from 2 to 5 hours depending on the other surgeries scheduled. We ask that you keep your phone ready so we are able to speak with you about anything that may arise. When your pet is finished we will call and let you know. You will need to pick your pet up within 30-45 minutes, please keep your schedule open.

  • If we have not called you, your pet is not ready to go.
  • Please note: your scheduled drop off time is not your scheduled surgery time, it takes additional time to prepare each pet for their procedure.

At pick up you will:

  • make payment
  • be given after care instructions
  • if needed, receive take home medication(s) and instruction on how to administer.

If you have an e-collar, you must bring it with you or we will supply you with one for $10. Any pet that is having an eye and/or face surgery is required to have a hard, plastic e-collar for the best protection. Hard cloth or inflatable e-collars cannot be used in these cases.

For Vaccine Appointments:

We ask that you arrive at your scheduled time to ensure a timely appointment. Late appointments may have a longer wait time. Please bring your pet’s vaccine records with you to verify your pet’s needs. Let the technician know of any previous vaccine reactions or issues.

  • We try our best to stay on time but you may be asked to wait. There is no waiting room and we can only accommodate 1 client at a time on the unit. If waiting if you vehicle is more comfortable please do so once you have let the technician know.
  • Please be courteous to our partner business and park in designated parking spots. Do not park in driveways or areas where other traffic may need to pass.
  • All cats must be transported in a carrier. All adult cats and feral cats must be in separate carriers. All dogs must be leashed.
  • If you are dropping a pet that is not your own please be prepared with all the needed services for the day. If you are a rescue foster, you will need a foster drop off form provided by the rescue – please ask for the rescue to provide one to you.
  • When we are finished with surgeries, we begin to clean up and leave for the day. There is no set end time, although we are typically finished and ready to leave around 2-3pm.
  • We are not open 24 hours but our phone lines have after hours emergency instructions.

Our phone lines are generally open:
Monday- Friday 7:00am to 4:00pm, Saturday & Sunday 9:00am to 2:00pm
We do not check our texts or voicemails after hours.